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Automotive manufacturer in China

Kaihao possesses advanced production line and perfect quality control system. The company is professional supplier of auto parts mould in China, adopts world class CAD/CAM/CAE system; all information in local network can be exchanged and shared; make mould with CNC machine center assisted by traditional processing. Kaihao also instructed a full set of operation rules and management regulations. Quality control policy is carried out in design, manufacture, checkout, to ensure good quality.

Kaihao plastic mould  takes quality as its dignity, provides mould development service to main engine plants in China. It has established good and stable business relationship with Dongfeng Peugeot Qtroen Automotive, Guangzhou Honda, Zhongshun, Geely, Cherry, and so on. A great success made by Kaihao is that it has been cooperated with Peugent Qtroen for 8 years in plating tools. More than half of Peugent Auto’s plating parts moulds were made by Kaihao. Plating parts have very strict demands on moulds, but Kaihao has made it well. So how do you think Kaihao’s quality of other moulds?

Quality is the foundation for lasting development of an enterprise, and human resource should be the soul. Kaihao pays much attention on practicing new staffs. For engineers, Kaihao has demands of mixed abilities include project management; for benchworkers, it requires of abilities such as read drawings and 2D/3D operation. Kaihao pays attention to every detail of mould making. Design with heart and soul, they will make every mould with long serving life and little repair.

From strict manufacture to faithful service, Kaihao people keep themselves up to date with harsh requirements, satisfy customers with perfect service, breaks new opportunities for good enterprises.

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